Pregnancy is a journey and we understand your desire to see your baby as well as involve your family through elective ultrasound to help everyone connect with your tiny miracle as you prepare for the next chapter in your life.

We know how important ultrasound in pregnancy can be to help create and strengthen that deep parental bond with an unborn baby. Elective ultrasound gives parents-to-be and their family a chance to witness real time pictures and videos of their child. That is why we are committed to staying open during the pandemic while keeping everyone safe!

We want you to know we have updated our protocols and procedures beginning March 2020 when we learned of the unprecedented pandemic known as COVID-19. We are in compliance with State of Delaware and Federal CDC recommendations to protect all our valued clients, their families and our community and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Here is a list of what we are specifically doing to keep you and your family safe:

  • Staying Clean is Critical to Staying Open
    • cleaning and sanitizing all common areas and surfaces between each and every appointment
  • Online forms (Registration/Waiver/COVID-19 Screening)
    • confirmation emails will provide the links for our online forms and make our operation and your check-in run as smoothly and safely as possible by eliminating paper (thus cutting down on time spent in lobby and touching multiple surfaces ie. pens, paper) and saving time.
  • COVID-19 Screening
    • This will document and ensure there are no known guests with any symptoms by screening them prior to their appointment and making guests aware they must reschedule if they are not feeling well.
  • Controlled capacity
    • While we are still allowing and encouraging you to bring guests, we are limiting the number of guests to 5 people.  We definitely want you to bring the family to witness your miracle and share in the ultrasound experience. 
  • Remain in your car upon arrival
    • Please call the office 302-533-6682 or text 302-530-5942 to notify us of your arrival. This will help us ensure all rooms and common areas/surfaces are clean and free of germs from past visitors before you enter.
  • Face coverings  
    • Per the State guidelines all customers entering a public place of business are required to have a face covering.  
  • Practice good hygiene
    •  Using the provided hand sanitizer we ask you to sanitize or wash hands with soap/water upon entrance to our office 
  • Practice good respiratory etiquette
    • covering coughs and sneezes during your visit (this is a NO brainer!  We should have all been doing this prior to COVID and I don’t think this needs any further explanation!) 
  • Items in waiting room
    • All children’s toys, books and marketing material such as brochures and pamphlets from other vendors have been removed to keep the spread of unwanted germs down.

We also want you to know, while our expenses have significantly increased due to extra cleaning/sanitizing the office between every visit, we have not increased our prices to pass on the cost to our clients like some other medical offices.
We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity to give you the most amazing ultrasound experience during your pregnancy.